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Andre Russell Would be Missed : Manish Pandey

February 28, 2017

Andre Russell to be Missed Says Manish Pandey of KKR

Kolkata Knight Riders is going to miss Andre Russell. However, Manish Pandey believes that they have enough replacements this season. Pandey talked about how Russell has been a match winner for KKR in the past. While his absence is slightly worrying, Pandey believes that they have players who are similarly ‘if not better’ talented as his replacement.

Russell, the all-rounder from Jamaica, had a 164.91 strike rate in the last year’s edition of IPL apart from taking 15 wickets. Since last January, he has been serving a 1-year ban for violating of a doping whereabouts clause.


Pandey also feels that the 2 new faces in the KKR squad, Chris Woakes and Trent Boult, can make a great deal of difference this year. Pandey is currently leading Karnataka as they play in the Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Karnataka is set to appear in the tournament opener against Jharkhand led by MS Dhoni. The match is set to take place at Eden Gardens.

In spite of the neutrality of the grounds, Pandey mentioned that he felt at home. For him, it was like coming to his own home when visiting Kolkata. He has been playing for KKR for three years and each year, he spends two and a half months. He mentioned that he is familiar with the grass and the dressing room. He aims to take advantage of all the things he knows about the wicket and other details in the match.

For the match, CM Gautam will be unavailable to Karnataka due to injury. Pandey mentioned that he would be replaced by Robin Uthappa at the wickets, a role which Uthappa also performs for KKR.

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