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Hotstar signs huge IPL Sponsorship deal 2017

March 16, 2017

Hotstar Signs Big Sponsorship Deals for Live Streaming of IPL 2017


Star India’s Hotstar has announced that Maruti Suzuki and Vivo will be the two sponsors co-presenting the Vivo Indian Premier League 2017. Although exact numbers have not been disclosed by those involved, it has been suggested that both of the sponsors have invested sizable amounts. In fact, this scale of investment has never before been seen in the digital market in India. Both the sponsors were spurred on by Hotstar’s likely claim that IPL 10 is set to be the biggest sporting event this summer to be streamed digitally.

All throughout the last few weeks, Hotstar has been releasing information and insights that show an exponential growth in digital cricket viewership as a significant percentage of the audience is shifting from television to online streaming. In fact, Hotstar was found challenging the reach of television in the recent India vs. England ODI series. Hotstar claimed to reach 120% of the television in cities that have a population of a million or more and a whopping 147% in the 6 largest cities in India. Short format cricket has shown more than 20 million viewers regularly.

Ajit Mohan, Hotstar’s CEO has commented on how live streaming on digital platforms seems to be reinventing the cricket-watching experience and changes the way that India watches cricket. They are also expecting 130 million video streamers for Vivo IPL 2017. More interestingly, some of the streaming audience is non-existent on TV. Evidently, a lot is set to change in the next few years in the way we watch sports.

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