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ICC CT 2017 to have Super Over

February 21, 2017

Super Over Introduced For the 2017 Champions Trophy


Recently, it was announced by the International Cricket Council that the 2017 Champions Trophy will use of the method of Super Over. This method will be used for the final and the semi-final rounds the Champions Trophy has been scheduled to start in June in England.

Previously, this method was only used in T20 cricket and not in One Day International cricket. As for the previous events held by ICC, a tie in the knockout stages would be resolved by looking at the points that the teams earned during the group stages. The one with the better point count would win the tie and move on to the next round.

It has also been mentioned that the Super Over is going to be used for the Women’s World Cup. This tournament has been scheduled to start after the conclusion of the Champions Trophy.

Super Over is very popular in franchise-based cricket tournaments. This method has been employed quite a few times in the history of the Indian Premier League. However, the first Super Over took place during the 2007 edition of the World T20. A few of the group matches had to be decided with this method.

One of the most famous examples of a tied match was a semi-final between South Africa and Australia. South Africa was chasing Australia. It failed to overcome the total made by Australia resulting in a tie. Since Australia had led in the group stages, it progressed to the next round.

Hopefully with the implementation of the Super Over, such instances can be avoided.

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