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Sri Lanka began their CT 2017 preparations

February 21, 2017

Sri Lanka Prepares For Champions Trophy by Playing Scotland

Sri Lanka will be going up against Scotland as a part of their preparations for the 2017 Champions Trophy. The two teams will play two matches of 50 overs each. The matches have been scheduled for 21 May and 23 May in Beckenham.

This is the first time that the two countries are meeting after their encounter in the 2015 World Cup. During that encounter, Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara made centuries to defeat Scotland by a margin of 148 runs.


The head coach of the Scottish cricket team, Grant Bradburn, was quite pleased at the opportunity to play against one of the top sides in international cricket. After all, such chances have been rather limited. He mentioned that the national team is highly interested in playing against top teams so that they can keep advancing and growing their own performance and skills.

These matches are not considered to be official ODI matches. However, the Scottish team will be treating them as if they were according to Bradburn. They are looking forward to fielding a strong lineup as the chance to play such a team will be beneficial for their development.

Scotland and Sri Lanka have faced each other in official international cricket two times in their histories. Both of those encounters were won by Sri Lanka. The margins were quite sizeable in both instances. Their first encounter took place in Edinburgh in the year of 2011. In that match, Sri Lanka had a smooth win with a margin of 183 runs.

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